Current and Pending Projects

The Judge Method
The Second Chance Foundation is developing, along with Relationship Resources International, "The Judge Method." This timely and important information will address, and solve, the elusive topic of sexual satisfaction for women.

More infomation can be found HERE

Excerpt: "Sex. Over 40 Million women in the United States alone say “They love their husbands but do not enjoy sex.” Relationship Resources can show you how to enjoy your love making every time by a proven, easy to learn method. Furthermore, those 40 million husbands will finally understand exactly why their wives don’t enjoy sex and how by using the revolutionary Judge Method, their wives will not only enjoy sex every time, but will actually want it increasingly often."

Homelessness Prevention
The Second Chance Foundation is involved in is helping the homeless in San Antonio. We have teamed up with Seth Camm, a young local artist who has been helping the homeless for years around the country by painting and drawing them, listening to their stories and offering advice and support. Second Chance is in the final stages of developing this program in the most beneficial way, so please check back very soon to see the progress. In the meantime, please preview the galleries of Seth's work HERE and learn more about his work to date.

The Second Chance Foundation purchased a large facility in NE San Antonio. This “community center” facility has been used in a number of ways to allow The Second Chance Foundation to further its work in giving people a second chance. The Foundation will continue to apply for grants nationally to help in attaining this goal.

The Second Chance Foundation was also able, just over the last several years, to finance two commercial towing vehicles to enable one family to avoid losing its only source of income and the other, with a young child, to expand its business. The Foundation was also able to give away three cars to working mothers to enable them to secure work in addition to food, clothing and financial support.

The Second Chance Foundation completed rebuilding a house in the city of San Antonio a couple years ago. Through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers the home was completely renovated. The couple that purchased the home was unable to qualify for financing, so the Foundation has arranged to finance it for them. As they come available, the funds will be used to further fund some of our other projects listed below.

Sexual Assault Prevention
The Second Chance Foundation is currently sponsoring the development of products that will empower women and children and allow them to protect themselves from the threats of sexual assault. Over 672,000 women are reported raped each year in the United States alone. It is thought that two thirds of rapes per year go unreported. With your donations and the support of our volunteers we hope to drastically reduce the number of people that are sexually assaulted.

We currently offer totally free counseling for men, women, children and families. The topics range from interpersonal relationships to business and personal finance. The only requirement we have is that the person has a genuine desire to help him or herself. We've found that if someone doesn't really want to change the situation they are in, then no amount of assistance can make a significant difference.

Business Sponsorship
The Second Chance Foundation has sponsored various businesses in the area and offers business training to people that may not otherwise be able to afford it. We believe that by helping others become successful in their own businesses, we can create jobs for the neighboring communities. We recently sponsored a towing business that has provided jobs for a family and has led to them being able to purchase their own house. It is wonderful to see how people change when others believe in them and give them a chance.

The above information is just the beginning. Please click on the “Letters” button to see a small sample of the letters we have on file from those who have been helped.