Dear Matthew, Penny and Jodah;

Leo and I wanted to take the time to thank you all in helping us to purchase our very first home. As you know we were in a situation where we needed to move from where we had been living for the last ten years. When I called you [Penny] and explained our situation to my surprise you let us know that Matthew and Jodah were looking to sell a home they just put on the market. As you know the only catch was we needed to be out of where we were living in two weeks [very short notice] and had no money for a down payment but that was no problem for you all. Matthew & Jodah you told us to go ahead and move in and just pay the mortgage payments and any added expenses we occur with no added profit until we can purchase the home. WOW!! I ask, what other persons would do that? Usually others would have added a small profit to pay for expenses but you did not. The day you told us to move in was one of the HAPPIEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES; it felt like the burdens of the world was taken off our shoulders. Another great thing is, your only selling us the home for the amount of your bank loan. You could have sold the home and made a profit of $10,000.00+ but instead your giving this to us to apply towards the purchase of the home. Again WOW, just talking about this I still get excited, in fact Leo and I are still in awe of how beautiful this home is. Also Charlie, Major and Lynus [our children (animals)] love their new home and yard, they love rolling on their backs on the grass. We know saying thanks is just a small token of our appreciation but something else has come out of this and that is we have come to know how kind and generous you all [Penny, Jodah & Matthew] are and a close friendship is growing from this; all you ask back is to PAY IT FORWARD. That we will do.

You know it does not stop there; on a personal note, as you know Penny, over eleven years ago before I met Leo, I was involved in a relationship where there was 11 years of abusiveness and I almost died at his hands. After getting out of that situation I never knew how much I buried the hurt and anger from my past starting with my childhood. Penny, you have provided not only books for me to read but constructive counseling [not always willing to take] and advise in how to better myself [all free of charge], you have stuck with me because you cared and it shows. Penny, Matthew and Jodah you all have a great heart and it shows inside and out. Thank you for providing me with a cell phone, that way I am able to stay in contact with you all and the ones close to me. I am PAYING IT FORWARD by telling others how they can better themselves and live healthier lives. Every opportunity I have I'm opening the eyes to people in the business world about all of you and your GREAT FOUNDATION and they always ask what you all want in return and my reply is always PAY IT FORWARD.

Take care, Leo and Terry Ann