June 17, 2004

My Dearest Penelope and the Second Chance Foundation,

This letter is in appreciation for all the wonderful things you and your organization have done for me, my sister, and our organization and in my personal life.

First, let me thank you for the use of your facility, your home, the computers, and the phones whenever they were needed. Without you remarkable skills in marketing, organization, and counseling concerning our business, we would be "dead in the water", as they say. And to your friends, Jodah and Matthew, who are the most awesome young men that I've ever met, my utmost respect, admiration, and gratitude. They are, indeed, the engine that runs this "paradise ship" and who's actions and diligence speak with well of the Captain, in all her glory.

On a more personal note, my most humble, and heartfelt appreciation to you, my dear Penelope, for helping to change my life. You found me in my darkest hour when I knew not which way to turn. You gave me a place to stay in your home and helped with my bills. You provided me the best free counseling that I've ever had and helped me get my life in order. As a result, I have found myself, and in the process, becoming the highest person that I can be. With your connections, I have landed a terrific new job. And last but not least, I am beginning to follow my dreams.

I am honored to have the privilege to assist this phenomenal organization of yours and hope to continue helping you help other people.

For those of you who read this letter, I will be sharing my story in it's entirety in the near future.

Pamela Talyor