September 30, 2007

To the Second Chance Foundation:

I am writing this letter to recognize someone very special to me and my family: Penelope LeFaucheur

I would like to start at the beginning when I was a child. I was 10 years old and my brothers were 8 and 9. Our mother had to put us in a home called St. Peter St. Joseph children's home. My mother did not want to put us there, but she was a single mom and broke with no family to help her. My mother had met Penny following up on a job ad in the paper. Penny hired my mother immediately following the interview. Penny and my mother became good friends. Penny was magical to me then and still now as an adult. I was very heart broken in that home, Penny brought my mother to the home to see us and took us to playland park. It was a magical day with rides, good food, prizes and goodies. She brought my mom often until finally we went home to our own house with our mother.

Penny stayed in our lives and my brothers and I loved her very much, also my mother had found a very good friend. When I was 15 years old, Penny gave me my very first job. She also helped me when I became a wife and a mother. Later on in life I now was in my early 40's, I was working as a manager in the car business. I was making good money taking care of my whole family, but then I had a stroke, first stroke at home and the second stroke in the hospital, one right after each other. After a month, because of the stroke, I lost my job and my money was gone, Penny found out what had happened and she came to visit me with lots of love and she was very positive. She brought a lot of gifts and left me a check to pay my mortgage, which, she paid again for me a few months later. She would never allow me to pay her back. She always knew when I was in trouble and like an angel she always looked over me and my children. Penny has come to my home and brought me and my family groceries when there was nothing in the house, and she would never take a payback. She also gave my oldest daughter a car so she could get a good job, and told my daughter when she was done with it to give it to someone who really needed it.

In closing of this letter, I just want to say, that I believe Penny is one of the most generous and compassionate people I know. We love her very much.

Sincerely, Susan Ragsdale