March 14, 2001

Dearest Penny,

I know we have been friends for almost 30 years, but in light of the help you again have given me lately I feel a deep need to express my gratitude and tell you exactly how I feel.

First of all, thank you for the money you loaned me, it saved a bad situation with my house. I shouldn't be surprised however, because I know I can always depend on you, as I have in the past. Some people don't have a very good memory when it comes to the things people have done for them, but I do.

I remember years ago, about 25 years to be precise, when I was destitute and had to put my children in a home temporarily. It was a horrible period in my life and even though I had family they were never there when I needed them. YOU WERE! I had no car at the time and had no way to go see my children. I remember clearly how you picked me up at a moments notice and took me all the way to the south side of town to not only visit them but take them out for the day. You did this several times. What made it even more memorable was the fantastic and magical days you made out of these visits. You took us to amusement parks and money was no object. You created for my kids a fantasy world they, and I will never forget.

Over the years you have been friend, counselor, confidant and lifesaver to me and my children. When the kids reached adulthood and their problems became "grown-up" problems, you were always there and they came to you as well as to me for advice, and in some cases financial assistance. You have never asked for anything in return except maybe an occasional ear, to listen when your own life was at a low, mostly when the people you have consistently helped turned their back on you and betrayed you in some way. I might add that was an all too frequent occurrence, but it's never stopped you from being a lifeline to the next person.

So my friend, I know it's not much, just a little letter and some loving sentiments to tell you that you are appreciated and I am truly blessed to be able to call you friend.

Lots of Love,