September 19, 2001

Dear Penny,

I've always heard of stories of Angels and how they often come to the rescue and aid of the needy, but I never believed until I met mine. Yes, Penny, you are a Guardian Angel. You helped my children and me during our deepest time of need, the holiday season. We were living in a house with no walls, no electricity, bad plumbing with little hot water. Christmas was nothing special to us till you brightened our lives and took us in to live in your home as the many before us and the many to come. Needless to say. we had a great Christmas, thanks to you. You offered us kindness, friendship, emotional and financial support, and never once asked for anything in return. You said that the smiles on our faces were enough during the two years my children and I liven in your home.

After your brother died of a stroke last month, you gave us the truck you had bought for him, as I had no vehicle to get to and from a job. You helped us find a place to live in town and continued to counsel my children and bring them presents. A.J. has changed from being a very angry 12 year old to a motivated, happy and ambitious teenager. He is going to write to tell you all about it himself.

So now, I would like to take this special moment in time, to personally say "Thanks to a Angel who single handedly changed our lives and sent us on a new journey in the direction of happiness and love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may you be blessed 100 times for all your good deeds, so that you may carry on in helping those in need.

Yours Truly,
Marcella Gonzales