May 7, 1999

Penny "Pey", I would like to thank you for all the nice and unselfish things you do for me and my kids. I have know you since I was 15 years old and was a runaway, hanging out with an older friend at your club, the "Penny Pub" in 1975.

You found a place for me to stay with some friends of yours and helped me through very difficult times. Now that I am 38 years, some 23 years later, you are helping me and my three children yet again and again.

You are like our "Fairy God Mother" out of the sky. You always seem to appear during our time of need and you gracefully wave your magic wand. Miracles happen, all our problems seem to disappear. You have a way of taking negative situations and turning them into positive. Your strength about life amazes me sometimes. Thank you so much for caring about the kids and I. Thank you also for the down payment on our new home.

You are a unique and special person in our lives. We certainly do appreciate you and your unselfish efforts to make our lives easier. We feel very lucky to have you in our lives, someone who truly cares, unconditionally, without judgments, no matter what the circumstance might be. Always know we are here for you too. Thank you again for all the special gestures you have made to bring comfort and happiness in our lives.

We Love You, Laurie, Krystle, Shawna & Amber