Dear Pey;

Thank you for being there for me throughout my life. You have been a truly positive influence on me and have helped to pull me through some really hard times. When I needed you the most through thick and thin, you believed in me. When there was no hope left and faith was lost and everything seemed impossible, you made no boundaries and helped me to believe that anything is possible when you just believe in yourself. I have grown up around you and you have seen me excel and yet when I fall down, you are there to help pick me up and get me back on my feet again. No matter how bad the experience, you help me through it. I have known you since I was six months old and my love just grows fonder throughout the years. I am now 15 and still you continue to amaze me when you always have a miraculous solution to my problems throughout my difficult daily teenage life. I just wanted to thank you.

You helped me and Cassie form our K.C. Angel Foundation because we wanted to help other teenagers like you helped me, Cassie, our younger sisters and our friends. Your friend, Connie, took us to her mom's other house and we are very excited about her ideas of turning it into a retreat for abused teenagers. I am also writing to thank her for the first check of $75 to help us launch our idea, and we are grateful to Connie for her belief in us and caring about us after only meeting us a couple of times.

I could of course, never repay you for absolutely all of the extremely life changing emotional experiences that you have bestowed upon me. You are a truly beautiful person inside and out. Just know that I will always be there for you when you need me and when I grow up I will be the one taking care of you. : )

Love always,