February 3, 2009

To Penelope and the Second Chance Foundation,

How can I start to thank you for all you've done to help my wife and I to retrieve our life's possessions from storage.

We moved out here to Texas from New Jersey to start a new life. The moving company we hired jacked up the price from $1,500.00 to almost $6,000.00 and no way to get our stuff. It was fate that brought us and Penelope together and what a Godsend she was. We had just gotten home when our apartment complex manager, Monica, told Penelope about us and not knowing us from Adam, Penelope helped us when she really did not have to. Not only did Penelope get the moving company to lower the inflated amount, but also got us the $1,500.00 needed to get our possessions back.

Words cannot express how grateful we are and hold you and the Second Chance Foundation in our hearts forever.

Yours truly,

Jose and Sunset Sanchez