April 18, 2003

My Dearest Penny:

Just a year and a half ago I tried to kill myself. I was so lost and felt so empty inside. The attempt to kill myself failed. I was in an abusive, controlling marriage. I let him rip me of my self-esteem and take away my freedom in many little ways. He was breaking my spirit and trying to break me in the process. I was about to be evicted from an unhappy apartment that I did not want to be in the first place. My world was falling apart I had given upon my dreams.

One day all that changed. I was crying on my porch wanted to get away from my husband but not knowing where to go. The hidden bruises causing me pain. You saw me crying an asked my why. I told you everything Things I did not even realize I was feeling. When you asked why I was still there I said "I had nowhere else to go." You told me "You do now." I did not believe that anyone could be so kind to a stranger. I know now that "A stranger is a friend you have not made yet". A phrase that you taught me the power of.

You were a friend when I needed one the most. You listened and helped me through a time I never thought I could get through. I did get through it however due to your help, and friendship. You let me into your life and home. You helped me discover my best self and to rediscover and find my dreams. Thanks to you I have found myself and am starting over as the person inside that has finally been realized.

I can never thank you enough for all you have done. You even tried to help my husband. When it was time to get divorced I thought my heart might break in two. You helped me get through the divorce. You have been so wonderful and in the after-math of the pain I do not know what I would have done without you. I am about to start college and live out my dream to be a psychologist. You never ever asked for anything in return. You just told me to help others in return.

You saved my life. I am sure I would have attempted suicide again that time I may not have failed, Thank you for my life and for just being you.

Jennifer Andrews