May 1, 2003

My Friend,

The old cliché..."You find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck." In this case, I found you, Penny and you picked me up, lifting my spirits, unselfishly offering your advise, guidance and wisdom. You have changed my life. Thank you.

This is for you Penny:

It's hard to recognize at times,
What's fake and fraud and plastic,
So many people change on dimes,
Perhaps we are elastic.

We stretch, we bend, and sometimes break,
Some people let us down,
But most of all, for what's at stake,
Someone must wear the crown.

This crown is worn by special few,
I'm proud to know of one,
An inspiration, that is "You",
Who cares in all that's done.

My life's been blessed by knowing you,
You've tapped into my soul,
I now can focus what is true,
Your Karma is a role.

You are my friend, who's changed my life,
With words and care and love,
We've gone through crazy times of strife,
But always rose above.

For you to know how loved you are,
To me, and all you touch,
The Universe points out a star,
Your "planet" brought us much.

My life's reborn because of you,
Your genius so inspires,
Amazed in awe, I know you're true,
You spark such friendly fires.

My thanks to you for reaching out,
And folding up my "box",
The stubbornness did cause a shout,
But thank you for no "pox".

You make me laugh, you make me cry,
It's proof how much you care,
I feel it when we're eye to eye,
I see how much you share.

My heart is enriched, by knowing you Penny,
A friendship I do so cherish,
The smiles I share with ever so many,
Come from you, and will not perish.

You make my heart beat happy again…Thanks and love to you.