March 27, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

In the spring of 2005, I was dealing with custody and child support issues with my ex-husband. The process was very stressful, very expensive and very lengthy. I believed that I had found a lawyer who was willing to work with me re: his fees, and allow me to pay him out over a period of time. He had even mentioned letting me pay him the remainder once he’d won my settlement and I received my back-owed child support funds.

Our verbal agreement meant nothing however, because the day before we were set to complete the process in court, he threatened to not show up if I did not pay the remaining $1,500.00 I owed him. Since this had already been going on for 6 months and my ex-husband’s lawyer said I would loose if I did not show up for court prepared, I was devastated. I was naïve about the judicial process, unaware of how to stand up for my rights, and therefore terrified.

I had encountered the Second Chance Foundation in the past, having been involved in the care for an elderly woman for whom they’d advocated. I called Penelope and explained my dire situation. Within three hours, one of the Second Chance Foundation’s representatives met me at the attorney’s office with a check and a written agreement.

After that, my attorney was more than cooperative and the rest of the court proceedings went smoothly. Not only did he get the fees he demanded, but he was now aware that I had someone else on my side and I could not be taken advantage of ever again. The Foundation even helped me file a claim against him with the Texas Bar Association for his behavior.

Thanks to the Second Chance Foundation, I received all the back-owed child support that I had coming (11 years worth), and was able to amend the divorce decree to better suit my situation. I was then able to pay the Foundation back, even though they never asked me to. I learned a valuable lesson about who I could not trust, and who I could always turn to in time of need. I will be forever grateful to the Second Chance Foundation.


Candyce Slusher