Our Founder

Here is a small glimpse of Penelope LeFaucheur's life as it has appeared in just a few of the many different publications over the years. Scroll below to see a small summary of the larger endeavours of her life. Having grown up in a culture where gratitude, appreciation and honor were paramount, Penelope has and will continue to make it her mission to give back to the people around her...

Penelope was born in Lucknow, India in the Himalayas. The eldest of four children, she assisted her mother with a free clinic that provided healthcare for underprivileged women and children

After serving in the English Royal Air Force for 5 years, she became engaged to an American pilot. Her fiance went to Vietnam and was later listed MIA. Penelope moved to the United States in 1970 and waited for President Nixon to bring the POW's home.

Penelope opened a factory in 1970 with her brother to begin the manufacture of small fiberglass pools based on her own unique designs. This company, Windsor Water Gardens, became one of the biggest manufactures of pools in the United States before she sold it in 1974.

After selling Windsor Water Gradens she opened the Penny Pub in San Antonio Texas. The success of the Penny Pub paved the way for several other businesses in this same venue including the Head First Club in 1978, The Odyssey in 1979, Galaxy Billiards in 1981, a second Galaxy Billiards in 1983 and The Rose in 1984.

During the off hours these businesses became the meeting places of various churches and counceling groups. This led to the creation of a shelter for run-a-ways sponsored by the clubs, where young people could stay while receiving counceling and support.

After meeting and counceling numerous people, as she had seen her mother do in years before in India, Penelope set up The First Humanitarian Church in 1980 to allow her to help others on a bigger scale. This led to the personal counceling and coaching of over 2,600 women and 1,400 men during the next 20 years.

In 1989 Penelope decided to switch industries and set up Landmark Travel. Three years later she set up another travel company, The Buckingham Travel Group in Austin Texas. She later gave Landmark Travel to her best friend back in San Antonio Texas. The Buckingham Travel Group grew into one of the nations largest travel organizations with over 180 franchisees. This business also served as a means by which she could meet and assist people, many of whom she would employ to enable them to get back on their feet.

While running The Buckingham Travel Group, Penelope set up The Child Life Foundation in 1994. This organization was created to encourage the education of children, regardless of their situation. This included the sponsorship of the Dinosaur Valley area northeast of San Antonio in an attempt to provide a means of funding additional educational programs for the local communities.

After being involved in various businesses for over 25 years, Penelope realized that there was a limit to how many people she could help on her own. She understood that she needed to harness the abilities and energies of many different people in order to help the multitudes of people that she had met and counceled over the years. She decided to sell The Buckingham Travel Group in 1997 and returned home to San Antonio to focus on this endeavor.

Penelope has just formed the Second Chance Foundation. Under her leadership, this new foundation is able to aid and empower more people that ever by pooling resources of various volunteers with the knowledge and experience she has gained over the last 30 years. Penelope continues to counsel and coach people each week, without charge, asking only for their help in assisting others later.